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5 Solutions to Save Money on a Used Car or truck Purchase

April 28, 2016 by haroldlittle74

The thought of buying a used 2014 hyundai santa fe limited is enough to stress anyone out. As with other big purchases, customers can avoid financial woes and bad deals by having the right info. The tips below can be used to make a used car purchase from a local dealership as simple and painless as possible.

Talk Price Instead of Payments

A dealer will often try to sell a car that fits the buyer’s monthly budget, but that can be costly in more ways than one. Taking out a longer loan for a pricier car will result in a lower payment each month, but the buyer will be under payments for longer—and they may end up owing more than the car is worth in the end.

Control the Loan

Many dealers now offer in-house financing, and they can make an enormous amount of money on interest, so they’re not motivated to give customers with poor credit a good rate. Getting pre-approved for financing before starting the car shopping process can tell the buyer exactly what they can afford, and they typically get better APRs than the dealer can offer.

Avoid Advertised Deals

Dealerships often put attractive deals in the paper, but they don’t have sufficient stock to meet customers’ demand. Don’t be enticed by these short term deals; learn about the desired car and how much it should cost. By starting out well-informed, customers can get a good deal on the car they really want.

Don’t Give in to Dealers’ High Pressure Sales Tactics

As said above, buying Used Cars Winnipeg is a substantial purchase, and the customer shouldn’t buy until they’re completely ready. If the dealer is putting pressure on the buyer to sign a deal for an unaffordable vehicle, the customer should consider taking their business elsewhere.

Steer Clear of Add-Ons

A car dealership winnipeg makes an inordinate amount of money on add-ons, and there’s always another coverage plan, warranty or product on offer. However, these extras can add up quickly, and they typically aren’t worth the expense. In many cases, insurance and warranty plans can be bought on the secondary market at a substantial savings.

Buying a used car can help a customer get the features they want at a price they can afford, but it’s still a big decision. By learning about the process beforehand, drivers can get the hyundai elantra they need without being taken for a ride.

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